Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mystery tulip

In my theme last week of finding some lovely but simple activities to brighten my day I found myself at Trader Joes (which I am finding almost as addicting as Target) and outside on their curb I found some potted tulips for just $2.99. The colors were gorgeous, purple, pink, yellow and white and I seriously could not decide which one to get. Mind you, I am an extremely decisive person, it's one of the things I am proud of - I know what I want, I find it, I get it - simple. However, this whole which-tulip-is-best thing pushed me over the edge so with a suggestion from my mom I grabbed one with some buds on it but no color showing yet - A MYSTERY TULIP! "What a perfect idea mom!"
I ran home, put it in one of my favorite pots that has housed many cut tulips but never an entire plant, and I waited for the blooming to begin. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that this plant has brought me unreasonable amounts of joy. Maybe it has something to do with being home-schooled for nine years, but waking up each morning and peeking at the buds to guess their color & then last night seeing that they are a deep and beautiful purple has entertained and thrilled me exceedingly. I can't seem to stop myself from taking endless amounts of pictures in all angles of the new blooms. It's as though I'm afraid God won''t repeat himself and I HAVE to catch it right now before the moment is gone. I'm trying to learn what that says about me, I know that I am a tragic sentimentalist - an English professor (my favorite one to be exact) told us that all English majors are extremely sentimental and that that is because we find meaning, beauty, and a piece of something timeless in so many, perhaps too many things. So in three simple and barely blooming purple tulip buds I am learning of how deeply I cherish moments, why I have to visit Disneyland at just the right time of day, and why I cry so damn easily - (well maybe that's just a thing I got from my mom) but in any case, I am learning of myself through a tiny piece of God's creation. I don't even have to go outside, the plant is in here with me astounding me with how simple & lovely God's imagination is.
I'm sure there will be more photos to come, but enjoy this one - and maybe sneak over to TJ's and grab yourself a piece of original creation for just $2.99.



  1. you can't stop yourself from looking, nor should you.
    the precise art of acceptance, enjoyment and delight in the SIMPLE things, is something that is completely lost on most people our age.

    embrace it and enjoy your tulip to the fullest (and your pumpkin, which made me smile-EVERYONE should have a pumpkin in January, i think).

  2. why thank you! and, I actually have 4 pumpkins. they are the friendliest of gourds and I love them.

  3. From God. "I like to watch when you come expectantly to see the tulips I made. Your excitement over them makes me giggle. I love my little Molly. I wait for you to awaken every day and am excited to to see how you will blossom."

    OK, maybe some of this is from your dad too.