Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I struggled; do I go to work (it is sort of optional as I set my own hours) or do I do the dishes and clean my house? While neither is particularly thrilling I am always more excited about the idea of being home and taking care of the things I fill it with. However, as domesticity does not bring in the money I pushed myself into my car and headed off to work. Then at the third red light I made a u-turn and went home. I happily hopped into my little apartment, changed into a little black skirt and a comfy sweater and settled into my kitchen to do the dishes. I splashed myself in the face with water and had so many dishes to do that I didn't even have space for all of them. While my dish-washing wasn't a complete success, as some are still waiting for me in the sink, I feel so happy, glowing, and proud of myself. I'm about to set out the door to go to Target with my mom, one of my all-time favorite traditions. We will get coffee, browse, splurge (just a little but come on, it's Target!) and stock up on all the necessaries. I am so excited and it's days like today when I realize that this - taking care of my home - is what I am meant to do. While now is not the time, as Bryce and I really must work hard to make our little lives comfortable and adequate, I look forward to that future and feel so blessed to have a husband that I know will do everything in his power to make it possible. 
So there you have it, it's one o'clock in the afternoon and all I've done is make the bed, do the dishes, clean up a little, and not go to work - I couldn't be happier (well, I will be at Disneyland tonight so I may be a little happier then). It is in living the simple life where I consistently find the most meaning and joy. So go, and do something simple today!

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