Friday, March 18, 2011

faraway spring

Another little painting for you to enjoy. I love changing my desktop to different Ellenshaw paintings throughout the year and according to season. There is just something so nice about opening my computer and seeing a simple, sweet and wonder-filled scene of all my old friends. 
This one in particular has a rather peculiar effect on my heart. The picture reminds me of a spring I've lived, faraway and long ago, secret in my memory. The way the golden light shines in and how  little everyone seems beneath the canopy of fresh and quiet trees make is magical.  I had many spring moments like this as a child, running out doors with my friends, playing in the twilit park with my dad, and sailing on the cool dark ocean with my family. These fragmented memories of light and happiness  are what I feel  the glow and wonder in this painting attests to. As I look at it I feel sheltered, there's a quiet over my mind as I observe the innocent play, and my heart rests as I imagine the infinite woods rustling with life. Isn't it nice that through art those moments of a faraway spring can come rushing back? I hope you feel some of that as you look on this, allow your heart and mind to sink into that dear child within you and rejoice over a few memories. Please feel free to share below, I'd love to listen.


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  1. This is a gorgeous painting, Molly. As I was looking at it childhood memories came back to me. :) My grandparents have a fairly large backyard with a gorgeous lawn, a small waterfall and pond, and all kinds of different trees and bushes. It was the perfect place for playing pretend. The backyard became my kingdom. I would dress up in costumes of flowing, silky materials, slip on necklaces, bracelets and rings so I was almost completely covered in jewels and pearls, and I would tie ribbons and long scarves in my hair and tuck flowers behind my ear and, barefoot, I would run around with my little cousins and brother. :) I have so many little fragments of memories of those times and I hope my own children will be able to play pretend in that special place so dear to my heart.