Friday, November 5, 2010

what do I mean?

I am starting this blog in the hope that I can reach others who share my interest in this life. I am interested in many different and difficult aspects of the human spirit and find literature a remarkable source for learning and gaining insight into myself and my fellow people.

If you are curious about what other topics will likely come up on here, behold (one of my favorite words!) the list below:

Books: more classics than anything else
Shakespeare I am writing my master thesis on Hamlet, therefore, I expect Shakespeare's genius to make an appearance rather regularly.
Quotes: I love profound words, they make for excellent conversation, will make you sound more intelligent, and will hopefully even, dare I hope, inspire you.
Death: I work at a mortuary, so this is a prominent part of my life and I have learned more from death than I yet realize.
Irony: I am of the opinion that life is a perfect irony, perhaps death has a great deal to do with that, but it exposes itself everywhere in both beautiful and tragic ways. I hope to track down moments of irony and share them here as they almost always present a reason  to laugh or the need to stop.
Meaning: I love listening to music, particularly that of Coldplay (my very favorite band) and finding myself struck by personal insight, by truth, and by deep meaning. This happens whenever I am able to immerse myself in something truly wonderful, it is why I am obsessed with Shakespeare and the books of old, they hold meanings and beauties that do not age.

I hope your interest is piqued and that as I learn from the past and present, we are able to learn together. I am getting really excited about this project and seeing what new meanings emerge!

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